Video Archive

The struggle for freedom has been costly, but we have many proud and memorable moments recorded for posterity.

The DR Crucis Incident

NULL was forced to take up arms against the forces of the Federation. In what many have dubbed a “line in the sand” NULL fought off the advances of the much larger and better funded Felicia winters faction much to the surprise of many in the galaxy.

View some of our reports and footage here.

The Gliese 550 Tragedy

While trading, one of our commanders encountered this huge wreak, suspected to be that of an imperial interdictor.  This destruction still remains unexplained.

The Early Days

We explored, we traded, eventually we were forced to fight, not just for our own survival, but to save those from the putrid hunger of murderers and pirates throughout the core.

Find more of our early history here.


NULL News from LTT 4961