Just a short time ago, a single question was on the lips of many a pilot and citizen who frequented a little known port, Conway City in the LTT 4961 system.

“What does NULL mean?”

The word “NULL” appeared throughout station missions, news items and other services. At first, the galactic infrastructure exchange was inundated with bug reports from those thinking that this new string was some form of error, some kind of data corruption afflicting stations, star maps and ship systems.

This minor legend has some grains of truth, suffice it to say even now some still make the mistake in thinking NULL is an error to be removed wherever seen.

The beginnings of NULL were quiet, commanders from across space found themselves united by their ideals.

“Well, we started a long time ago, many of us were working together without even knowing it. We were all united by the same third party, we all brought different skills, and contacts to the table, and crucially, we all remember those early days the same, all of us remember others who didn’t make it out of their first ship, half of our friends ran out of money and went home, a few became explorers, some traders and others died under someone’s guns. We all saw that, we don’t like seeing honest folk murdered.”

Today we still do many of the things that brought us together, we have an active and growing number of deep space explorers, including the famous CMDR Angus Thermopyle who is currently nine months into his epic two year mission to map a circle around our galaxy.

Traders, Miners, Explorers, Freedom-fighters. All are welcome in NULL space. All abilities welcome.

NULL News from LTT 4961