Building a Legacy


Not two, but three community goals ran to their final tiers, one of the fastest completed and most successful CGs ever.  Greg’s Legacy is now ready and open for business as a mining station, research base and holiday destination. A fitting legacy for CMDR Gr3g.

Fly safe!

Over the coming days free pilots across the core worlds will have the chance to contribute to a lasting legacy. In the name of a dearly departed comrade, the NULL faction has begun the process of designing and building a new station in memorial of a NULL veteran; CMDR Gr3g.

Earlier this year, NULL mining teams charted a super-massive asteroid (NSS-3303 – Named after the year asteroid found). Mining teams scanned the gigantic rock and found that it would not be useful for extraction activities. However it would make a suitable base for future mining operations in the area.

Should it be completed, NSS-3303 will be the home to a new asteroid base “Greg’s Legacy”


A spokesmen from NULL commented to Galnet Press today saying, ‘Our extraction teams have confirmed that there is a large terrestrial object out in the rings of LTT 4961. After much deliberation the budgeting has been made to make a request to gather materials in order to build the station. In order to improve system economy.’


As is always the case where thousands of ships gather together in collaboration, there will be those that seek to take advantage of the large numbers of fully laden ships.  NULL are therefore also sponsoring any ship that devotes time to policing activity within the NULL sphere of influence.

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