Building a Legacy

What is NULL?

Our species has been faced with desolation more than once, by our own hands and by that of the only other intelligent race we have met. We should learn from our past.

Throughout the known worlds humans are united in one trait, greed.

It does not have to be this way. That is what NULL is about, we stand foremost for self determination and fair justice.  If you fly in NULL space know that you are in a rare area of space, one where piracy, greed and murder are not tolerated.

If you are a new pilot, simply trying to earn a crust for your family or have dreams of earning an Elite rating, then visit our “Get Help” page! We have a place for you. Join us, even if only for a day and we will support, guide and protect you from the vile hands of piracy and help you avoid death at the hands of another. We ask only that you remember us if we are ever again in need to defend our home.



NULL News from LTT 4961